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Race Fuels.

20/12/2016 · Watch the continuation of our Forced Induction series as we tackle which Fuel makes the most power. Watch the full Forced Induction series here. Dragon Racing Fuels offers a complete line of race fuels for drag racing, sprint cars, motorcross, supercross and marine performance arena. In addition, Dragon Racing Fuels has introduced 3 new state of the art formulations with superior performance for the motorcycle market. These fuels were designed by legendary race fuel formulator Jim Meiser.

Sunoco Race Fuels provides Web users with a race fuel search engine that allows individuals to find local stations pumping 100 octane racing fuel. The search engine includes U.S. states where racing fuel is not street legal, such as California where it is only legal for sanctioned racing events. VP Racing Fuels is best known as the World Leader in Race Fuel Technology™, fueling champions around the world in virtually every form of motorsport on land, sea and air since 1975. VP’s fuels have a well-earned reputation for offering more power and unparalleled consistency. race fuels pty ltd - the home of elf lms racing fuel. australia’s leading specialist logistics and fuel supplier to the motorsport industry.

28/11/2018 · Engine Power has used Race Gas fuel concentrate in their builds for years because it works! Race Gas is a fuel concentrate that can be added to pump gas to raise the octane a full 4 points per 2 ounces of mix. That means you can take 93 octane pump gas and mix it up to 105, replacing the need for distilled race fuel. There's a mixing. The historic Gulf Racing Fuels brand has evolved to become a 21st Century performance leader that leverages cutting-edge technologies, produces better overall. Earlier today while driving out East on Long Island I stopped to fill my tank with gas, and at the station, all the pumps had the usual Regular, Mid, Premium on one pump, but on the 2nd pump which typically holds Diesel, there was a sticker for Racing Fuel. The button for the fuel indicated a 100 Octane level, whereas the Premium was 93. I began compiling race fuel at the pump locations for a car that used exclusively 100 octane UNLEADED fuel. I found there were a LOT of other people out there who preferred to run 100 octane in their special street machines, motorcycles, or off-road vehicles.

11/11/2019 · I never knew E85 was also a 100 Octane fuel. Due to the Yukon engine knocking with 87 octane gasoline, I started using 91 octane gasoline. E85 will save me money and help avoid engine knocking. The station also has Sunoco 100 Octane unleaded Racing Fuel.• RM/2: 100 • Specific Gravity:.746 at 60° F. Why is VP Fuel more expensive than what is available at the pump or at the track? Beside the hefty New York State fuel surcharge and taxes there are 3 different state taxes just to get them over the bridges to us!, VP Race Fuels all.

Roo100 offers better protection against detonation in harsh racing conditions and makes up to 3% more Horsepower and Torque than pump fuel. Due to Roo100's specific gravity.711 @ 60F and oxygen content it requires a 4% to 6% increase in fuel volume over. “RACE-GAS ULTRA is the first product we have released since the release of RACE-GAS Race Fuel Concentrate in 2013. In the past 6 years distribution of RACE-GAS Race Fuel Concentrate has grown to over 750 retail outlets and 13 wholesale distributors in North America. Product Description. Reflecting the consistent quality racers rely on from VP products, there’s nothing standard about this 110 blend. Formulated for use in naturally aspirated engines with compression ratios up.

Welcome to the new standard in racing fuel: F&L Racing Fuel! We fuel everyone from professional race teams, high performance motorsports enthusiasts and weekend warriors! On-road, off-road, four-wheels or two-wheels, on the water or the snow, on the track or racing your buddy on the weekend, we have the right performance racing fuel for all. 01/05/2017 · It’s likely that when a 100-octane fuel is introduced, 87 octane—the current “regular” grade gas—will be phased out. The idea is to make every car on the road burn higher-octane gas reducing CO2. Unfortunately, if your car wasn’t specifically engineered for higher-octane fuel, the difference in performance and efficiency will be. Rockett Brand ® 100E Racing Fuel is a street legal 100 octane gasoline designed for on and off-track use in all performance engines with compression ratios of up to 14:1.

  1. Sunoco 100 octane rated fuel is our highest performing, street legal oxygenated unleaded gasoline. If you want to give your street legal vehicle the best performing gasoline on the market, Sunoco 260 GT is the fuel.
  2. BUY BP 100 RACING FUEL FROM SCOTCHER RACE FUELS. BP 100 is a high octane leaded petrol that is used to avoid detonation when compression pressures are increased by either high compression ratios or better breathing. BP 100 has vaporising characteristics that will ensure good mixture preparation using controlled boiling range components.
  3. Sunoco 260 GT 100 Octane, Unleaded Racing Fuel in 5 Gallon Pails is a Street-legal, oxygenated Race fuel for performance vehicles. This fuel is sanctioned by: CRA, Competition Riders of America.

Shell Racing Fuel. 80 likes. Unleaded Race Fuel in octanes 100, 105, and Advanced116. 20/12/2006 · Some are good points, others are just so-so. The real reason not to run 100 octane racing fuel is because it has lead in it and will plug up your catalytic converter. NASCAR is currently testing unleaded fuel and will be changed over in the next year or two. So, unless you plan to modify your car for racing only, don't use race gas. RACE-GAS ULTRA is specifically designed for the requirements of very high compression, boosted or nitrous engines. ULTRA, when mixed with pump gasoline, will create racing fuel with octane between 108 and 112 rm/2. Like our original product, ULTRA increases the octane, chemical oxygen and ch emical energy of the fuel to equal commercially. Fuels. Master Fuel Table; Racing Fuels. Airplane; Motorcycle/ATV. Drag Racing; MX/SX/Off Road; Road Racing/Flat Track; Automotive. Circle Track; Drag Racing; Off Road/Rally Racing; Road Racing / Drifting; Karting;. MOTORSPORT 100 MS100 $ 93.00 Select options; MOTORSPORT 103 MS103 $ 93.00 Select options.

When blended to the proper ratio, RACE GAS TM can take your ordinary pump gasoline and transform it into high octane, high energy, track grade racing fuel. RACE GAS TM will keep you from ever running out of racing fuel. In working with several chemists and our suppliers we came up with the blend that became RACE GAS TM. racing unleaded, street legal racing fuel. research octane number: max 100.4. specific gravity @ 15.0 deg: 0.7503. anti knock index: max 94.2. Extreme 100 Extreme 100 is designed to increase horsepower in unleaded, computer controlled, late model vehicles. It also works very well in 4 stroke motorcycles, street rods, muscle cars, jet skis and boats. Its high RM/2, 100 octane rating gives maximum protection against detonation to 12:1 compression ratio with aluminum heads. Extreme.

Torco Fuels list of available racing fuels, methanol, ethanol & nitro-methane. In race Fuels we have anything from 99 octanes through 110 octanes to 118 octanes. Torco Race Fuel 100 is a premium Unleaded race fuel ideal for performance vehicles with O2 sensors, in under 400 cubic inch motors, injected and turbo charged. An octane rating, or octane number, is a standard measure of the performance of an engine or aviation fuel. The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can withstand before detonating igniting. In broad terms, fuels with a higher octane rating are used in high-performance gasoline engines that require higher compression ratios.

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